QUIZ: How Well Do You REALLY Know Autism Terminology?

When it comes to autism—or really, just about any medical condition or disorder of any sort—there are a lot of special words and niche lingo we use that make people unfamiliar with the disorder go, “HUH?!” Even people within the autism community can get confused by certain words and unfamiliar phrases.

So here’s the question: How well do you know the lingo that surrounds our discussions of autism?

Take this fun—and hopefully educational—quiz to find out what you know and don’t know about autism jargon. And be sure to share the results with your friends once you are done. See how much they know compared to you! The winner treats himself or herself to ice cream! Or…I guess you could all do that, regardless of your score, if you’d like. Hey, I’m not stopping you!

Want to test your autism knowledge even further? Check out our interactive quiz that tests your general knowledge of the disorder.

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