QUIZ: Separate the True Statements from the Autism Myths

How much do you really know about autism? Do you think you can wind your way between all the ridiculous myths that surround autism and find the truth?

We hope you can!

It’s so important that we debunk these autism myths that are hurting our understanding of ASD and causing miscommunication, mistrust, and discrimination.

People with autism may function a little bit differently than most neurotypical people do, but they are human beings with human rights, and they deserve to be understood better and treated like the respectable members of society they are.

So let’s get down to business. Prove that you know which of these statements is real and which are myths. Then share with your friends on Facebook to spread the knowledge!

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you can find more autism myths you may not have known (and learn more about the ones in this quiz) here and here!

Good luck!


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