QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of These Easily Confused Autism and ADHD Symptoms

Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are two very common conditions. And while they are definitely two different diagnoses (contrary to what some believe, ADHD is not considered to be on the autism spectrum), they have some pretty stunning similarities.

For one thing, they share several different symptoms. It’s very common for people to have both disorders at the same time (called co-morbidity, by the way). In fact, having one disorder increases one’s likelihood of having the other one, too. Those who have one or the other (or both!) are often highly intelligent, talented, and capable of success.

They also share similarities on a societal level. Both disorders are shrouded by myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes. Those who have one or the other are frequently and unfairly labeled “badly behaved.” ADHD and autism are also often considered “fad” diagnoses, and some will have you believe that they don’t exist at all!

With all these similarities between two distinct diagnoses, the question remains: how much do you know about ADHD and autism? Will you be able to recognize what symptoms they share in common, as well as symptoms that separate and distinguish them from each other?

Take the quiz below to find out, and don’t forget to share with your friends to see how they do!

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