7 Businesses Whose Acts of Kindness Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Image via  Flickr
Image via Flickr

We’ve all heard the horror stories of both incompetent customers and rude employees, but what about the good stories? Surely there have to be a few out there… Turns out there are a ton of inspiring customer service stories! Here are just a few to encourage us to be kind to our customers, and to be worthy of such kindness in return!

1. Johnny The Bagger

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After an exciting meeting with the new customer service manager, where employees were challenged to “create memories for their customers that will motivate them to come back,” Johnny, an employee with Down Syndrome, had an idea. He may not have had the most glamorous job as a bag boy, but he was grateful for the employment. With some help from his dad, Johnny typed up an inspiring quote of the day, and if he couldn’t find one he liked, Johnny made one up. He printed and cut these quotes out and brought them to work every day. As he bagged up his customer’s groceries, he slipped the encouraging quote in with them. Word got out, and Johnny’s notes made his line the most popular one in the whole store! Watch the incredible full story here!

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