Take A Look At “Inside Out” Without The Inside!

Pixar’s “Inside Out” showed the emotional journey of a young girl, Riley, moving to a new city. They literally showed the various emotions inside her head as characters – Joy, Anger, Sadness, etc… to great effect.

But what would it look like without all the Inside action? Jordan Hanzon, a film student and editor for Vimeo, put together a version that did just that. The result is a really cool look at how a young girl deals with a common, bit nonetheless stressful life event.

Sensory overload is a reality of living with autism. For kids on the spectrum, many experiences neurotypical children enjoy are off limits to them, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Movie theaters around the country are gradually offering sensory-friendly viewing experiences that feature dimmed lights, reduced audio levels, and a relaxed atmosphere where clapping, talking, and playing are all encouraged. Sadly, not every chain takes part in this new effort. While theater chain AMC started the sensory friendly shows trend, the largest chain in the nation, Regent, is lagging behind on implementing these showings.

Help kids on the spectrum all across the United States by calling on Regent Entertainment CEO Amy Miles to offer sensory friendly shows in their theaters so every family can enjoy a trip to the movies.

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