Autism In Their Own Words…

Many individuals with autism have difficulty communicating. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything useful to say or that they won’t come up with a wonderful way to say it.

If we just take the time to patiently wait for the right words to form, what comes out of the mouths of people on the spectrum is often a wonderful point that many of us may have missed.

The people in this video are able to see the positive sides of autism. Many find the ability to focus on interests they have a passion for, see a unique perspective, and learn in an alternative way. Some have special talents; others are special because of the way their brain works just a little bit differently than the rest of the world. But they’re all brilliant and wonderful human beings, just as deserving of love and kindness as anyone else.

And they all agree that being different is ok!

Watch this fascinating video that portrays autism from the perspective of people with autism. An absolute must-see! Check it out!

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