This “I Love Someone With Autism” Message Spread Like Wild-Fire on Social Media!

It started off as a simple Facebook post from Carol Janusky DeMaio, a mother with a child on the autism spectrum. She posted, “It would be nice if parents could share a picture of a loved one on the autism spectrum.” She just wanted to show that people with autism are still people and worthy of love, understanding, compassion, and everything else we would offer to a neurotypical person.

In less than 2 days, over 500 pictures came through on social media. So many people’s lives have been touched by autism, and so many people instinctively knew the importance of sharing their experiences with the world when they saw DeMaio’s message.

This video shows the power of social media and how it can empower and raise awareness for this disorder and the way it has altered our world in so many good ways! The joy on the faces in these pictures will melt your heart, and some of the things people have said online about autism are so insightful and worth reading.

Let’s help to raise awareness so families with a child with autism know they’re not alone! Share this on Facebook and add your own photo in the comments!

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