After This Autistic Student Got a Low Test Score, His Teachers Did Something to Prove That He’s Not a Number

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the numbers sometimes. Our society is obsessed with being able to quantify everything as proof of some sort of success or improvement, and school is a prime example of that desire for quantification. It’s not really anyone’s fault, but there are some things we can do about it.

At Pickerington North High School in Ohio, a gifted student on the autism spectrum got a low score on a test — and two teachers in the special ed department decided to make a statement about it. Together, John Silfies and Kathy Lyons made a video called “I Am Not A Number.” It was picked up by a local news station, and then drew the attention of the movement Everyone Matters: a non-profit that is dedicated to making an impact on children’s lives.

In a world where everything revolves around numbers, these two teachers decided that their students’ unique gifts and personalities mattered more than the test scores. And we think that’s awesome!

Take a look at this video and get reaffirmation that your child is more than a number.

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