Time to Change Some Stereotypes! The Hero in This Film Is a Strong Woman with Autism.

Actress Mageina Tovah, known for her roles in “Scandal,” “American Horror Story,” “Shameless,” “The Shield,” and the Spider-man movies, is using her voice to raise awareness about autism in her new film, “Hux.” Magenia will star in the film, as well as co-direct and write the screenplay.

According to Mageina, the main character, Hux, “lives alone with her dog in a remote little cabin away from the overwhelming stimuli of people, noises, and distractions.” Though the cabin is her safe place, Hux “desperately wants to feel connected to others.”

When civilization as she knows it comes to an end, Hux encounters another lost soul, and the two “find an improbable bond in the midst of their desolation.”

This film is breaking barriers by showcasing a strong female lead and putting a character with autism in a heroic role. Support Mageina’s Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the film’s production, and hear her explain the her vision in this video!

This is an inspiring project that promises to make a big impact on the autism community!

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