How To Build Your Child’s Language Skills

Those with autism often struggle with language skills, whether that means expressive language (speaking) or receptive language (understanding what is said to them).

Therefore, it is important for parents, caretakers, and others to help the individual with autism work on language skills.

The video below from Autism Live’s Parent to Parent will give you four tips for helping your child build his or her language skills. That includes speaking in short, specific sentences; repeating things; asking them to request the things that they need; and giving them a break when they make mistakes, rewarding them for trying (because no one is perfect!).

Though people with autism do tend to struggle with language skills, the following should also be noted…it is important to presume competence in your child. Presuming competence means assuming your child can hear and understand the things you are saying. If they are present, never speak about them as if they are not in the room. Even if you think they don’t understand, you could be wrong!

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