How to Handle Tantrums in Children with Autism

Certain autism behaviors can be difficult to handle. One of these challenging behaviors is tantrums.

Now, note that there’s a big difference between meltdowns and tantrums. Meltdowns are uncontrollable responses to too much (or too little) stimulus; it is a sign of being overwhelmed past the breaking point.

Tantrums, on the other hand, are intentional ways for a child to seek attention or get what they want.

Though tantrums and meltdowns may look similar, they are distinctly different phenomena. Today we are going to talk about tantrums—more specifically, how to handle them when they happen.

That’s where this short video from Autism Live’s Parent to Parent comes in handy.

This video shares a few different tips on what to do when your child is having a tantrum. From staying calm to ignoring what other people think of you, these tips can help you handle these difficult moments as effectively as possible.

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