How Do I Curb My Child’s Tantrums (part II)

In the autism community, we often talk about the difference between meltdowns and tantrums. Meltdowns are uncontrollable responses to feeling overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed, in some cases). Tantrums, on the other hand, happen when a child throws a fit in order to try to get something they want. To the untrained eye, they look very similar, if not exactly the same, but there is a huge difference between them. It’s important to recognize that.

That being said, autism parents are often offered advice on handling meltdowns. But what about handling tantrums? After all, kids with autism are just that: kids. And kids throw tantrums sometimes.

If you find your child having a lot of tantrums, you may be wondering how to tone it down. Autism Live suggests that it’s important to be proactive and think of ways to prevent tantrums before they even start.

Watch and listen to some key tips that will help you to curb your child’s tantrums in the future. From positive reinforcement, praising good behaviors, and keeping your child rested and healthy, these tricks will lead your child to success!

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