How A High-Tech Bracelet Rescued My Son

Have you heard of this bracelet before? It’s designed specifically for kids and adults prone to wandering away.

The bracelet looks a lot like a watch, so most people—children and grown-ups alike—are comfortable wearing it, and kids don’t get bullied for it at school, but it also has the ability to save the lives of people who wander away from their homes.

Jacob Lund has Asperger’s and has a tendency to wander off without notice. He is often gone for hours at a time, and he sometimes grabs a set of keys and attempts to drive a car. As you may imagine, this is very scary and stressful for his mother, Samantha, who feels she must keep an eye on him at all times.

After one of his disappearing episodes, just after Jacob got his bracelet, he was fortunately rescued within 10 minutes of activating the bracelet, 15 blocks away from his elementary school!

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