Bakery Raises $10,000 For Autism Society Through Hot Cocoa Bombs

You may have noticed the hot chocolate bomb trend that spread like wildfire at the start of the 2020 holiday season. A hard chocolate ball, filled with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, and all kinds of goodies, is placed in a mug. Pour some hot milk over it, and the ball explodes open, making a fun and delicious cup of hot cocoa.

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Posted by Dana Bellefeuille on Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Village Bakery noticed this trend, and started making hot chocolate bombs at the end of October. Owner Dana Bellefeuille created the bakery as a way to combine two of her passions. “I’ve been a pastry chef for over 18 years and I’ve raised two kids with special needs,” she explained. She decided to create her own bakery, committed to hiring people with special needs.

Bellefeuille continued to be an ally to the autism community when she dedicated the proceeds from all of her chocolate bombs to the Panhandle Autism Society. Although COVID-19 prevented her from opening her storefront at the start of 2020 as originally planned, Bellefeuille has continued to work from her very own kitchen.

hot chocolate bombs donation autism
Photo: Facebook/The Village Bakery

Since starting this endeavour only a little over two months ago, Bellefeuille’s bakery has a received an incredible response from local patrons. “The community has rallied not only around us, but our special needs community, and I cannot express my thanks enough,” she said.

hot chocolate bombs donation autism
Photo: Facebook/The Village Bakery

The Village Bakery has now sold over 3,000 hot cocoa bombs, effectively raising $10,000 for the Panhandle Autism Society. “It means the world to me as a parent with special needs children.” The Village Bakery will be opening the doors of their new storefront in April of 2021, but you can still order their baked goods online through their Facebook page!

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