Holly Robinson Peete Talks About Her Son’s Autism

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Holly Robinson Peete is a singer, actress, well-known autism advocate, and founder of the non-profit HollyRod. Her husband, Rodney Peete, was a quarterback in the NFL for 16 years.

When their son Rodney Jr. (AKA RJ) was diagnosed with autism several years ago, they discussed the pros and cons of becoming public faces for autism awareness. “Not everybody can talk about it. It’s really hard, especially when it’s your son,” Holly says in her interview with Queen Latifah. “So we had a kitchen table conversation — like, the pros and cons of using this platform to give other people hope.”

In this interview, she also shares a story about her son, now 16, that speaks to his quick wit. Take a look!

Want to learn more about Holly Robinson Peete and her son’s journey with autism?

Learn how RJ is encouraging and inspiring other individuals on the autism spectrum in this article!

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