Three Days Was All It Took for Autism Mom to Start Seeing Improvements in Her Son!

Little Hans was a precious two-year-old boy. He was happy; he smiled, laughed, and met the eyes of other people. But his mother was concerned; he wasn’t talking at all.

So she took her son to the doctor. The doctor told her not to worry about it—something many autism parents face the first time they raise concerns. Still, she could not shake the feeling that something was a little different about Hans. “It was so hard when he was crying and I didn’t know what he wanted,” she said.

Finally, her son received a speech assessment. After a few days of evaluation, Hans was given a diagnosis: autism.

It was not easy for his mother to hear, as she grew up in Peru where autism was “out of this world.” Like many autism parents upon first receiving a diagnosis, she was scared and upset. David's Center for Child and Family Development David’s Center for Child and Family Development

The clinic she took Hans to recommended St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development—an organization that GreaterGood partners with to provide in-home care for families impacted by autism. There, she got more explanations about autism and potential treatment options. Given the choice between ABA and St. David’s autism day treatment program (ADT), she chose to enroll Hans in ADT.

The progress he made in the program was breathtaking. His mom says that after just three days, she already saw major improvements in her son.

Hans is now three-and-a-half years old, and he has grown significantly through ADT. He is expected to graduate from the program at the end of the summer and start preschool in September.

The program hasn’t just been helpful to him; it’s also something he enjoys. According to his mother, “Now he wakes up, jumps at the door, and says, ‘Go to school!'” David's Center for Child and Family Development David’s Center for Child and Family Development

Reflecting on the experience makes his mother a little emotional. “I love my son and see so much progress for him,” she said, her voice breaking. “His therapists are so patient, they love their jobs and they really love my child. Thank you!”

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