You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Laundry Wrong This Whole Time!

I live to do laundry!” is something no one has ever said in the history of the world. Dingy whites, smelly towels, and faded colors got you down? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with some simple hacks that’ll get the job done right the first time!

Have you considered, you know, just not washing your clothes as often?

Ok, so this is the opposite of groundbreaking, but seriously, do you really need to wash every single item of clothing after every wearing? Well, no. Go on, sniff the pits. Perform a visual check for stains. Looking good? Then leave it alone! You’ll save on your electric bill and preserve the integrity of the garment. Bam! You’re one tip in and already on your way to becoming a laundry legend!

 One quick load each night is all we ask.


Berlin had one. China’s still exists. And then there’s yours: the wondrous wall (of clothing) that appears to have morphed into a load-bearing feature in your laundry room. Talk about a Saturday morning buzz kill. Try this: do one load of laundry every weekday night. Those five loads will cut that wall of woe down to nothing in no time flat, and you can resume normalcy. Ta-da!

You’ve avoided it long enough: decoding laundry care icons

Laundry  Care Icons

We can all agree that laundry care icons are there for a reason—and we can also agree that most of us have no idea what any of them mean, right? It’s time to decode, people. Knowing what type of wash cycle, whether a garment can handle bleach, or if ironing is an absolute no-no will save you some serious sorting time. So print out a chart like the one above and hang it on the laundry room wall for quick reference. Your garments will thank you.

When’s the last time you washed your washer?

It makes sense when you think about it. Load after load of grimy, greasy, and generally filthy clothing leaves behind some seriously questionable residue inside your washer. You know what doesn’t make sense? Using said washer to “clean” clothing. So take the time to wash your washer. It will pay off in the long run, we promise.

 Screw the sock monster!


You know the mesh bags you use to wash your delicates in? Throw your socks in there, too. They’ll get just as clean and won’t have to go through the torture of losing a loved one–and you’ll spend a lot less time buying new socks. Just saying.

Dryer Balls? Yes, they’re real. And they’re awesome.

Did you know that dryer sheets work by using chemicals to soften and de-static your clothes? It’s true. Give dryer balls a try. They’re reusable, easier on your budget, and do their thing without any chemical intervention. Double whammy of win!

And you thought a marker in the laundry room was against the law.


A great way to keep track of your hang-dry items is to write them down–on the washing machine. No joke! Use a dry erase marker and make a list of each item that would die if it hit the dryer. And when you’re done? Simply wipe away the note. Magic!

What did we miss? Any more amazing laundry tips and tricks out there? Tell us all about it in the comment below!

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