Woman Dumps Autistic Grandson At Rest Stop

On November 29th, Janie Gill of Oklahoma abandoned her 17-year-old autistic grandson, Guy, at a Kansas rest stop and didn’t look back.

Guy was left without any money or food, and had to remain in the bathroom in order to stay warm. He has the mentality of a 5-year-old, according to reports, and is nonverbal.

He was there for 24 hours before being rescued.

Photo: News on 6

A custodian at the rest stop is the one who alerted authorities about Guy. He said the young man seemed “lost” and that he became concerned for his well-being.

He was taken to a nearby hospital while Kansas deputies tried to determine who he was and why he had been alone at the rest stop. It wasn’t until his picture was posted on social media that someone recognized him — a teacher of his in Oklahoma.

Photo: News on 6
The rest stop where Guy was abandoned.

From there, authorities were able to contact his caregiver, Gill. Gill, in her late 60s, is Guy’s primary caregiver, as both his parents died from drug abuse.

But when she was contacted, Gill, who lives in Rogers County, Oklahoma, denied any wrongdoing — at least at first. She originally told authorities that she left the boy in Ada, Oklahoma, with a relative. But upon further investigation, it was discovered that the relative she supposedly left Guy with actually lives in Nevada — in a nursing home that’s on lockdown. That relative hasn’t left in over three years.

Photo: News on 6

Eventually, Gill did give the authorities a confession. Yet she maintained her innocence when interviewed by News on 6.

“Well, I do love him, and I’ve done the best I could by him, and, no, I did not leave him behind,” she said.

She did admit that caring for Guy was difficult, and came with its challenges.

Photo: News on 6

But when pressed why she didn’t take Guy to a hospital or somewhere safe, rather than a rest stop, Gill defended herself by saying she had asked for help before; she’d requested that the state give her someone to help her care for him at home but was denied.

Apparently, she saw that as justification for simply abandoning him.

Photo: News on 6

This isn’t the first time she’s left Guy alone, according to neighbors. They say that when Gill left the house, she would sometimes lock the Guy in his room. There’s even a deadbolt on the outside of his door.

But Gill denied that, too. “I never neglected him. Everywhere I went, he went. I never left him alone.”

Photo: News on 6

Gill faces child neglect charges in Oklahoma, and it’s expected that Kansas will file additional felony charges as well.

Guy is currently in the care of another family, and seems to be doing okay.

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