How an Autism Diagnosis Can Be a Relief

If you are a child on the spectrum who has not yet been diagnosed with ASD, life can be difficult and perplexing, full of confusing and unexplained social interactions, which can often result in high anxiety or depression. You don’t understand why you are different from everyone else, nor do you understand why you struggle so much to connect and form relationships with your peers.

For many adults on the spectrum, this was their reality during their childhood. Many are getting late diagnoses as autism awareness spreads and diagnostic tools improve.

This young man, Graeme was one of them.

For Graeme, who wasn’t diagnosed until the age of twenty-four, finding out that he had autism was a welcome relief. Finally, the mystery of what made him different had been solved, and his anxiety lessened substantially. He is now getting some of the help he needs, and he feels his life is better off because he has received an explanation.

Hear Graeme’s touching story in the video.

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