These Amazing Shirts and Pants Can Help Protect Kids With Autism

Every parent of a kid with autism knows there is a possibility their child could wander off. It’s a scary thought, and something parents work hard to prevent.

Forty-nine percent of the parents of children with autism said their child had tried to wander off or run away at least once after age 4 according to a study that appeared in the journal Pediatrics. That’s a huge percentage of the autism spectrum community.

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When CNN correspondent Lauren Thierry left her job to care for her autistic son Liam, she started shooting the documentary Autism Every Day. While filming, she learned how much of an issue wandering was for autism families. To help parents keep track of their kids on the spectrum and make the task of dressing easier, she founded Independence Day Clothing.

This unique company puts the child with autism at the forefront creating clothing with comfy pockets for GPS trackers that kids can’t feel.

GPS Tracking

Weighing less than an ounce, the Independence Day Clothing’s Empower GPS tracker makes it easy for parents to track down their child if he or she should wander.

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The Empower tracker is two inches long, and one inch wide. It can run up to seven days on a single charge.

Independence Day Clothing / via
Independence Day Clothing / via

You can get the Empower Tracker for free, but requires a one-time activation fee of $69.95 plus one month service on a 12 month agreement of $14.95.

Reversible Clothing

Independence Day Clothing features designs that are the same both forward and backwards, inside and out. There’s no way to put these garments on “wrong.”

Independence Day Clothing / via
Independence Day Clothing / via

They don’t have buttons, tags, snaps, or zippers that might make dressing more complicated. They use “hidden helpers” like stretch lycra to give clothing their form instead.

Reversible 2
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The shirts are even long enough to hide the fact there’s no fly in the pants.

Independence Day Clothing / via
Independence Day Clothing / via

The materials are especially soft and designed to be sensory friendly, while still being able to stand up to extended wear. Independence Day’s clothes are inspired by classic design and have a sporty style.

ID Clothing ListWe love how Lauren took a problem that impacted her own family, found a solution, and was able to share it with the world. It’s a simple and innovative answer to wandering that many families will be happy to have.

Thanks, congratulations, and good luck to Lauren Thierry. We’re looking forward to seeing many more innovations from her and Independence Day Clothing in the future!

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