Learn How This Cuddly Pup Is Helping Struggling Readers

Gizmo is an adorable therapy dog with Paws For Friendship, Inc. and the Hartford Public Library’s program “Paws To Read.”

Twice a month, Gizmo visits students in the library and provides comfort for the kids who might have trouble reading to others out loud.

Gizmo’s presence really helps to calm the kids and boost their confidence. He has a very relaxing energy about him and helps them feel secure. He lays on their laps while the kids practice reading out loud.

Even kids who are shy are able to open up when Gizmo is around. One child’s parent sitting nearby began crying when they heard their child reading. Their child was once reprimanded in class for not practicing his words, so he hadn’t read out loud ever since then.

And to finally see him reading again with the help of Gizmo, it brought a tear to his mom’s eye.

Watch adorable little Gizmo doing a great job with the kids in the video below:

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