Giving Thanks: Speech Therapy for Children with Autism

You’ve done more than what you may think! Andrew started second grade today, the therapies have helped so much. He is the most advanced child in his class, his grades are exceptional. He has A’s in Science, Math, Music, Social Studies, Language Arts and B’s in P.E. and Art.

He is still non-verbal but understands and reads up to a 3rd grade student. Soon we are getting him a Dynavox to help him communicate.

This is a picture of him sending you that rose as a token of appreciation.

He has worked so hard with his physical challenges and is now able to walk without assistance but he wears braces 18-hours a day which is not bad considering I was told he was never going to walk.

He attends the South Florida Autism Charter School which is a great school and they infuse the curriculum with ABA, he is doing great, the staff goes above and beyond what I could have ever expected from a school. Although we still face many challenges ahead of us I feel we are on the right track to construct a better future for him.

-Zahira Gonzalez

Donate and provide speech therapy to a child with autism from a low-income family through National Autism Association’s Helping Hands grant program.


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