Why Girls on the Autism Spectrum Often Go Undiagnosed

Did you know that the ratio of girls to boys on the spectrum is 1:5? While it’s hard to say for sure exactly how accurate this ratio is, it’s possible that the number of boys with autism is so much higher than the number of girls partially because the symptoms are simply easier to miss in girls.

The outward symptoms of autism tend to be less intense in girls, so parents and doctors have a harder time seeing them. If it’s not causing a visible problem, usually a behavioral problem, it’s difficult to diagnose.

Many girls go undiagnosed because doctors see their behavior as being shyness or depression. Most of the struggle is going on on the inside, which makes it all the more dangerous for a girl with autism to go without help, because she can feel very alone in her challenges and become depressed.

This fantastic video featuring girls on the spectrum educates us on a number of signs that will help diagnose autism in girls! Check it out for yourself.

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