This Sweet Three-Year-Old Called Her Senators To Help Her Autistic Brother

A lot of times when we think about autism advocacy in the neurotypical population, we think of parents who are fighting for their children’s rights. But parents aren’t the only neurotypical family members or loved ones who can help make a difference—siblings can also be a powerful ally for autistic people, too.

And even the littlest of siblings can do a great deal of good.

Take the adorable Stella Rose, for example, whose brother is on the autism spectrum. At just three years old, she wanted to make a difference in his life and the lives of other autistic people. So she and her daddy took a big step by making a small phone call to their state’s senators.

Photo: YouTube/garrett neuman
Photo: YouTube/garrett neuman

At the time this video was filmed, a bill called the Autism CARES Act was on Congress’s docket. The bill was meant to funnel more government funding into autism research and education, with a particular emphasis on transitioning into adulthood. (The Autism Society, a group that supported the bill, outlined the basics of it here.)

Needless to say, the bill was a pretty big deal to autistic people and those who love them—including little Stella Rose.

Photo: YouTube/
Photo: YouTube/garrett neuman

In order to advocate for the passing of the bill, Stella Rose and her father called Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to advocate for the passing of this bill. Stella was a little shy and her daddy did a great deal of the talking, but there’s no doubt in any of our minds that her courage and willingness to speak up made a huge difference.

Who knows? If it weren’t for Stella, it’s possible the Autism Cares Act wouldn’t have passed!

Yes, that’s right! After this sweet exchange happened, the Autism CARES Act did, in fact, pass! You can learn more about that update and what it meant for the autism community here.

But before you check that out, listen to Stella and her dad advocating for the passing of the bill. This sweet and touching moment really comes to show that no one is ever too young to make a difference in the lives of millions!

Way to go, Stella!

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