Outrageous! A Girl With Autism Was Told To Be A DANGER to Passengers On A JetBlue Flight!

As we spread awareness and education about autism to our communities, unfortunately it hasn’t been spread far enough. The Galindo family experienced an uncomfortable situation with JetBlue Airlines on a flight home from vacation after requesting they all be seated together. Unfortunately, Emily was able to sit with their 13-year-old daughter with autism, but was separated from her husband.

Not able to see her father, who was sitting 10 rows ahead of her and her mother, Mia began to cry and refused to put on her seat belt, resulting in the pilot and the flight attendant escorting them off the plane. They believed Mia was a “potential danger to other passengers.” Watch how a 20-minute flight turned into a $2,000 2-day trip home for a family who felt they deserved a little more respect than they were given. Let’s spread awareness to respect those with autism!

EDIT: Last year, JetBlue started a new initiative called Blue Horizons For Autism to help those on the spectrum cope with the stress of air travel. Learn more here!

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