Girl With Autism Loves Trash Day So Much That Workers Made Her An Official Member Of Their Crew

In Pearland, Texas, there is a seven-year-old girl who loves Saturday and Wednesday for a very special reason.

That young Texas girl, Mary has autism. Her mother says that she loves the day that the truck comes to pick up the trash.

You can see Mary standing outside in a picture posted on social media. She is waving to the sanitation workers in Pearland.

According to Mary’s mother, her daughter is happy and loves being outside. She also says that Mary will wait outside and when she hears the truck coming, she will wave to the workers.

Posted by Kathy Harris Choate on Saturday, November 30, 2019

It seems as if Mary has done this for years and her mother said that the employees working the route have become friends with her. Those workers who run that particular route also know her home as “Mary’s house.”

The workers had a special gift for Mary over Thanksgiving weekend. She received her own costume that matches the people who work on the crew.

“I have so many emotions because it just makes me so happy that there are still people out there that think about us,” said Mary’s mom Kathy. “They do their job and they’re hardworking guys and they took their time out to think of us.”

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