Girl With Autism Had A Birthday Party That Nobody Showed Up To – People From Across The Country Are Now Sending Her Presents

There are times when the Internet pulls together and does something for someone that is remarkable. That includes what happened for a 16-year-old girl in Rustburg, who was looking forward to her 16th birthday party. Unfortunately, the party couldn’t happen and the young girl, who has special needs, felt as if she was abandoned by her family and friends.

Of course, it had to do with the coronavirus pandemic but it was difficult to convince Tina Bryan, who has autism, that she wasn’t overlooked. Her birthday came and went and it left her in tears.

ABC13 News reported that Angel Neighbors, the young girl’s mother said “She feels like she gets overlooked by her family and friends.”

A “Sweet 16” birthday party had been planned by Neighbors for Tina. But when nobody showed up for the party, she was brokenhearted.

“She did feel real down that she had no friends and family didn’t show up either for her birthday and that hurt her the most I think,” Neighbors said according to the news outlet.

Her mother saw how her young daughter was affected without the support, so she reached out to a local news station to ask the community for birthday cards. Since that time, thousands of people have sent messages wishing Tina a happy birthday.

“My son and I sat here for six hours opening up cards last night for her,” Neighbors shared with ABC13 News. “She even had a lady from Germany that wanted to send her something.”

It seems to have had the right effect because Tina says she feels happy and loved.

It wasn’t just birthday cards that were sent to Tina, people from across the country sent her teddy bears, Barbie dolls, flowers, and even a handmade necklace that was sent by a blind woman.

“All the cards have been amazing, all the love has been amazing,” Neighbors shared with the outlet.

Getting all of those cards and messages made Tina feel loved. She now wants people to feel the same love, so she is going to donate some of those gifts to others in need.

“Give it to homeless kids, the ones who do not have a choice,” Bryan said, according to ABC13 News.

You can still send her a card or gift to:
Tina Bryan
2904 Bethany Road
Rustburg, Va. 24588

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