5 Unique Autism Behaviors You’re Probably Used To

People with autism can be some of the most incredible individuals out there. Just like neurotypicals, they are wonderfully unique and diverse. There are also some traits people with autism tend to have that may not be as prevalent in the neurotypical population. Those things can be awesome and, especially in the younger kiddos on the spectrum, adorable.

Autism Family demonstrates just a few of those endearing quirks.

The couple in this video has three boys, all of whom fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. (And all of them are so precious!) In a series of scenes, the parents document some of the unique things their children (and by extension, others with autism) tend to do. The second to last example is my favorite—oh my goodness, it’s so cute!

Check it out and let us know: can you relate? Does your child do these same things? Share your story in the comments!

Want to see even more from this family? Check out their video of positive experiences and times when autism can be fun!

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