These Twins on the Spectrum Are Determined to Make a Difference!

Raising money for a cause is fantastic, but it’s even better when the fundraising activity is something you love to do anyway! Alex and Jamie Schneider found a way to combine two of the things that are the most important to them, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Four Miles of Hope is a run-for-funds event that seeks runners and donations to make a difference in the lives of people who have been affected by autism.

Alex and Jamie, twins on the autism spectrum, saw Four Miles of Hope as the perfect opportunity to combine their love of running with their desire to help their peers on the autism spectrum.

Alex and Jamie were diagnosed with autism at just 21 and a half months of age, and their mother says everything changed, but it changed for the better in more ways than expected. Her sons have always loved being active and challenged, and this event was the perfect way for them to do something for others and also do something they’ve always loved doing.

Get a glimpse at cross-country-life on the spectrum in the video!

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