Kirby Has Autism and Food Allergies — But These Steps Have Helped Him Learn to Avoid the Wrong Foods

Teaching a child with autism to interact with the world is a challenge in itself; giving a child restraints on what they can or cannot eat is also difficult — autistic or not. Children go to birthday parties and playdates where food is laid out like a buffet, and kids often aren’t very discerning about what kind of food they put into their mouths.

Six-year-old Kirby is energetic and lively, and he has high functioning autism. Along with that come some behavioral issues that make communicating to him what he can and cannot eat difficult. He also has life-threatening allergies to peanuts, eggs, and shellfish, so it’s important that he learn how to assess the food he eats.

Watch as Kirby attends therapy and is taught to identify what is safe and not safe to eat. Right now Kirby is practicing going through the steps of stopping, asking the question of whether or not the food is safe, and waiting for a response to the question before grabbing food that could potentially harm him.

This skill is so important. But Kirby has come a long way with it.

Way to go Kirby – we’re proud of you!

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