Man with Autism Has Priceless Reaction When He Hears His Favorite Song in the Street

Whether we are neurotypical or on the autism spectrum, music can speak to us in such powerful ways and capture emotions and feelings that words simply cannot express.

Blair is a young man on the severe end of the autism spectrum. One day, when he was walking with his parents in the city center of Glasgow, Scotland, he heard a cover of “Fix You” by Coldplay.

His reaction is beautiful and priceless—his face lights right up! According to his parents, any song by Coldplay puts a smile on his face. But this time, they managed to capture that special moment in a video.

Take a look!

Blair isn’t the only person on the spectrum that Coldplay has touched. Check out this sweet video of a boy in Mexico who was overcome with emotion when he saw his favorite band live. It’s truly no wonder the story went viral!

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