An Enchanting Song, “Firefly” Encourages Everyone On The Spectrum To Keep Shining Brightly!

Sophie Rose is 14-year-old singer/songwriter, and she has written an enchanting song specifically for those on the spectrum. “There are so many children who are eager to shine bright,” Sophie says. “I hope this song serves as a beacon of light for those with special needs and inspires them to be the best they can be and reach as far as they can reach. I also hope ‘Firefly’ will encourage compassion and understanding for young people with autism.”

The lyrics begin as follows:

It’s harder to find the fire inside me
When everyone’s trying to put it out
It’s easy to stop myself from shining
When I’m supposed to hide behind the clouds
But now I’m through with that
No more holding back

I’m a firefly, lighting up the sky, sky
Watch me shine, shine
Everywhere I go
You will see me glow, glow
Like the starlight, I’m a firefly…

This beautiful song is available for download on iTunes.  Listen to the song now!

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