Finding Bella Is The Happiest Day!

No one wants to go through the agony that is losing their furry family member like the way Bella was lost from her human. Here’s a little backstory to give you an idea how long (and far) apart these two had been before the video was recorded of their reunion:

When Bella’s human decided to visit family in Florida, no one could’ve imagined what would have happened! Bella must’ve been trying to get back to him, escaped from the dog sitter, and made it from Manhattan all the way to Queens, New York!

Family and friends helped in the incredible search that went on for three very long days of calling several shelters and putting out flyers and postings.

How crazy is this?! Watch as they are reunited… It’s hard to say who is more excited to see the other. I’ve never seen such a happy, excited dog in my whole life!

Now THIS is LOVE for sure!

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