Cat-Lover with Asperger’s Spent 15 Years Making His House a Feline Sanctuary

Krueger has four cats, and they are like family to him. For the past 15 years, he’s been creating trails and passageways for them — in his own house!

The result is a fantastically feline-friendly habitat where the cats can scamper off to have alone time or hang out in the main living area with their owner. They can take cat naps in padded, lighted nooks within the walls, and tunnel down different paths to other areas of the house.

Kruger likens this project to a puzzle that is never finished. “I think about it constantly. I can’t fall asleep,” he says. “I’m still thinking about it, thinking about the design. I wake up; I’m thinking about it. I’m thinking about it all day at work.”

Krueger was diagnosed with Asperger’s last year, and said the diagnosis came as a blessing. He credits Asperger’s as a reason why he connects to cats so well, keeping in tune with the book touting the theory that “All Cats Have Asperger’s.”

Watch the video to see more!

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