Autism Mom Reached Out to the Internet for Her Daughter’s Favorite Shirt. Here’s How the Internet Responded

People with autism—and those who love them—know: they can be very particular about clothing due to sensory sensitivities. And if they find an article of clothing they really like, they may become fixated on it.

That was what happened in the case of Cami, a girl on the spectrum, and her favorite shirt from Target. Her mom, Deborah Grimshaw Skouson, first bought the pink, floral-patterned shirt five years ago. Time naturally wore it down, leading Grimshaw Skouson to look for replacements. Unfortunately, Target had stopped selling it, forcing her to turn to the internet.

She did manage to find four of the shirts, mostly through eBay. But the internet’s well eventually ran dry and Cami was down to her last shirt, which was “almost unwearable,” according to Grimshaw Skouson.

So she took to Facebook.

She asked viewers to share the post in hopes of finding kind souls who would be willing to send her a replacement. “We will pay for the shirt and the shipping if someone would be kind enough to sell it to us,” she wrote.

The internet responded by being super awesome.

After the post was shared by a California news anchor named Frank Somerville, as well as the Facebook page, Love What Matters, it exploded worldwide; it was shared thousands of times, and the world took action by sending Cami dozens of shirts. As of August 23, 2016, over 178 of the shirts had reportedly been sent to Cami. Target has even offered to continue manufacturing the shirts in larger sizes so that Cami will be set even into adulthood.

“The kindness being shown my little girl has been so beautiful,” Grimshaw Skouson said.

Way to go, people of the internet! Thank you for being so awesome to a girl in need.

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