Mom of a Child on the Spectrum Captures Beautiful Portraits for Autism Families

For kids with autism and other disorders, such as ADD, it can be difficult to sit still and smile for a family photograph. One of the many challenges families with a child on the spectrum face is how to get good portraits of their kids and how to find a photographer who can be totally understanding and patient during the process.

That’s where Amanda Bailey comes in.

Amanda is the mother of three children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. She works as a photographer in Fresno, California, and surrounding areas, skillfully capturing brilliant images of everything from weddings to maternity, senior portraits to elopements, boudoir sessions to adventure sessions. But children and pets pull on her heartstrings the most, she says, and she has a particularly special place in her heart for kids with special needs.

Photo: ABC 30

“It’s okay that your child is different,” says Amanda.

She hopes her work will help her clients remember that somebody out there knows what they’re going through and is willing to be patient and kind with their children, even when things aren’t going quite as planned and not everyone is cooperating.

Photo: ABC 30

For Autism Awareness Month, Amanda offered special sessions for families with a child on the spectrum in an effort to show these special kids and their parents that they’re understood and accepted just the way they are. And, of course, to get some high-quality images that parents can be proud to hang up on their walls.

Photo: ABC 30

When Amanda does family portrait shoots for families with a child on the spectrum, she says she makes sure to keep it short and sweet to avoid making the child feel anxious and antsy.

Photo: ABC 30

Check out the video below to watch Amanda at work with some of her clients on the autism spectrum. You can also click here to see more of her work showcased on her website.

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