“Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C:” How One Stranger’s Act of Kindness Toward a Girl with Autism Went Viral

This mom’s faith in humanity was restored after this “daddy” on a trip home from Disney World made the two and a half-hour ride a breeze with her 3-year-old daughter, Kate, who lives on the spectrum.

Sitting in a three-seater row with her daughter, Kate, Shanell was anxiety-ridden as she waited to see who’d be sitting next to them. Aware of her daughter’s quirks, the mom has gotten used to the fact that far too few people are understanding of them.

But this businessman, who Kate called “Daddy,” was different. Instead of brushing Kate aside or giving Shanell “the look,” he welcomed the child with open arms. His act of kindness touched Shanell’s heart and drove her to write a viral “thank you” letter to him.

Watch and listen as Shanell describes what inspired her to thank the “daddy” and admits that she had a skewed idea of how people would accept her daughter — and how she was luckily proven wrong by this amazing individual!

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