Child Struggling to Master a Skill? This Short Video Will Give You Hope!

When I’ve told people that I’m a writer or wanted to be a writer, they’ve sometimes replied, “Oh, that’s cool. I couldn’t do that; I can’t write well.”

I never liked hearing that because an ability to do something — anything — isn’t something you’re just born with. It’s something you grow into. You learn and develop as you go. You just have to be willing to practice. That’s the case whether you’re a writer, an athlete, a painter, a dancer, or anything else.

And that’s what this brief video tries to get at.

It starts off with the narrator emphasizing that “We all start at zero. Can’t talk. Can’t walk. Certainly can’t do algebra. Adding, reading, writing, riding a bike — nobody’s good at anything at first.”

This video offers a simple and powerful reminder that we all start out at square one. We all learn at different paces, and we will end up at different spots along the road due to a variety of factors — but our failures help us grow.

Take a look at this empowering video!

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