This Fantastic Cartoon Explains Autism – And Is Narrated By A Boy On The Spectrum!

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? It’s not an easy question to answer because autism is such a complicated neurological difference. Those who have it can be affected in so many different ways. And while we know so much more about autism than we did, say, a decade ago, there is still a great deal we have to learn about it and the people who have it.

Meet seven-year-old Donnie, a boy who was diagnosed with autism when he was three. He and his four-year-old sister, Anna, narrate this animation to simplify and help us better understand ASD. They do a fantastic job—and the finished product is absolutely adorable! Aren’t they such sweet siblings?!

Check it out!

Want to learn even more about people on the spectrum?

Check out this video about the ten things people with autism want you to know. It is so helpful for anyone who cares for those on the spectrum…or just wants to know more about the incredible individuals who have it!

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