Encoded: A Film About Autism Awareness

Set against background of gorgeous piano music, this documentary shows the various people who occupy the space around you — people laughing, dancing, holding each other, playing music, or getting married. It’ll show you a little boy playing with his friend. The commentary from the narrator at the beginning and end is powerful.

“Biologically, all organisms are very similar. You are basically the same as the person next to you. This isn’t saying, of course, that you aren’t your own individual person with your own morals and values and hopes and fears and dreams and goals. But biologically, there’s no significant difference…”

You know what autism is, and you know that we’re all basically the same except for some very minor differences in our genes. But you’ve never seen somebody describe that reality quite like this.

“Beautiful is arbitrary. Certain behavioral and social patterns are deemed by society to be normal, and failure to adhere to this protocol makes one different, and maybe a bit peculiar. Peculiar is arbitrary.”

Take a look at this thoughtful documentary.

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