Early Intervention Is Key

It’s an all too often phrase that therapists have heard, “My pediatrician, doctor, mother or sister said boy’s don’t develop as fast as girls, so don’t worry about it.” Unfortunately this advice isn’t always the best advice, as many of these children have autism and their parents are seeing the signs without even realizing what it is. However, as a parents, go with your gut instinct because it may save your family and child a lot of grief.

Early intervention is key in living with a child with autism. Due to their lack of communication and social functionality, it’s important that you get them to understand what skills they need at an early age. This is also important when they start showing signs of problematic behavior because they’re having a hard time communicating with you. These children need to be shown what do to every step of the way, and that’s when therapy comes in. Watch and learn!

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