Watch This Pro Hockey Star Make His Biggest Fan’s Dream Come True!

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Cammy was born without the ability to walk or speak. But even though she has some serious limitations to what she can do, she doesn’t let that stop her from making goals (literally as well as figuratively)!

Cammy loves watching hockey on television, and she wishes she could participate in the sport. She’s dreamed of sharing the ice with her favorite sports star, Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith, her whole life. That dream seemed very far away until recently.

As part of their #WhatsYourGoal campaign, the Blackhawks decided make Cammy’s dream come true.

Sure enough, the moment Cammy saw Keith she could hardly contain her joy. But that was just the first in a series of absolutely priceless interactions between the two. Her squeals of delight as she and Keith start out on the ice to score a goal together are worth all the words in the world. She doesn’t have to speak to get her point across!

This is one sports story you don’t want to miss.

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