After Being Tormented by Bullies, This Boy with Asperger’s Got a Wonderful Surprise

Sometimes, kids can be cruel. Kids on the spectrum often get more than their fair share of bullying.

Drew Summerlin is an 11-year-old kid with Asperger Syndrome. For weeks, he endured cruel bullying and threats via social media and was attacked in the school cafeteria. He suffered a concussion that required him to be hospitalized.

When Hall of Fame coach Roy Williams heard about what happened to Drew, he decided to take action.

Williams sent Drew an autographed photo of the North Carolina basketball team and a sweet letter of support. In it, he said, “Drew, I heard about what you’re going through and I wanted to let you know that the entire team and coaching staff are thinking about you. I’m so sorry and upset with what you have been going through. Someday those kids will realize how terribly they acted and will be ashamed.”

It’s unknown how Williams came to hear of Drew’s plight, but his generous act has us calling him a hero. In this interview, Drew’s sporting his Tar Heels gear, so it’s possible that Williams saw this interview and was moved to give some support back to a loyal fan.

Bullies shouldn’t have the right to harass and bully kids on the spectrum. Sign the petition demanding that social media companies take a stand against cyber-bullies and trolls.

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