I Love Dolphins — They’ll Help Anyone in Trouble!

A young seal pup, new to the world, finds itself lost and alone in rough waters. Just 100 meters away from the shore from which it came from, the seal pup starts to panic, unsure if it will find it’s way back home. To make matters worse, some pesky seagulls start bothering the poor guy!

Just as the seal expels its last bit of energy, a pod of dolphins approaches the lost marine mammal…But are they there to help or hinder the poor seal?

To help, of course! It seems like the dolphins’ altruistic instincts kick in, and they gently guide the pup back to the shore. The seal has a lot to learn about the big world, but it’s nice to know that this time when he was lost, he found some friends out there in the deep blue ocean.

(We think that this simply serves as even more evidence that dolphins are possibly the most intelligent, helpful animals on the planet. What do you think?)

Watch this beautiful footage of compassion and hope in the video!

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