This Theme Park Revolutionized Its Industry for the Sake of People with Autism

Let’s just be honest, here: modern society has designed itself for the neurotypical population, not people on the spectrum. Many things that would hardly make a neurotypical person bat an eyelash can be overwhelming for those with autism.

Luckily, however, society is beginning to shape itself to help out people with ASD.

For example, Dollywood, a theme park in Tennessee, is revolutionizing its industry in terms of autism accommodations. It’s the first theme park on the planet to open a calming room, a small space where autism families can escape the thrills and attractions to settle down and take a break.

Not only is it quiet and relaxed but it’s also filled with sensory-friendly objects and toys.

Learn more about the calming room in this video!

Looking to have a relaxing vacation? Check out Surfside Beach, a small town that recently became autism-friendly!

A. Stout

A. Stout received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing through Grand Valley State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2015. In addition to being a passionate autism advocate, she is a member of various fandoms, a study abroad alumna, and an animal lover. She dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world someday.

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