Boy With Autism “Lights Up” When Meeting Disney Princesses, Offers Hugs And Kisses

A few years ago, a story about an autistic toddler meeting Snow White at Disney World went viral. The normally shy two-year-old just melted when he met the “fairest of them all.” It was an interaction made all the more special because Jack-Jack hadn’t responded to most of the characters he’d met at the park.

“This was about a week before he got — maybe two weeks — before he got diagnosed with autism,” his mom, Amanda Coley, told WESH of that first visit. “And so we brought him on that trip. He was scared of all the characters, just wasn’t sure. Some of them he wasn’t really scared of, just didn’t have any interest in, so he’d walk away.”

Snow White left a lasting impression on the little boy. Jack-Jack is now six years old, and his love for Disney Princesses has only grown since his first visit to Disney World.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

His latest visit to “The Happiest Place On Earth” included interactions with Tiana, Rapunzel, and, of course, Snow White.

Jack-Jack offered up lots of hugs and kisses to the princesses, and even some gifts.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

“[The Princesses] all do it with a smile on their face, and they hug him, and they spend the time with him,” Coley said.

Jack-Jack even put on costumes for his visits with royalty. He was dressed as Flynn Rider from Tangled when he meet Rapunzel and Tiana. And for meeting Snow White, he dressed as the lovable dwarf Dopey.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

Meeting the princesses was the high point of the trip. The affection he showed them floored his mom.

“That was really special,” Coley told Fox 5. “That actually made me tear up when I was watching it because you just don’t see that with him. It’s not really common.”

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

Jack-Jack actually struggled with visiting the park this time around — but the princesses saved the trip for him.

Coley wrote on Facebook: “I won’t even lie. Autism has beat us this trip. We have dealt with meltdown after meltdown, running, defiance, hitting, screaming and many dirty looks. He has not been overly happy, unfortunately. It has been hard to not just pack up and go home. These moments, though – they make it worth it. His love and joy when he is with the characters is the most pure, happy and loving thing imaginable. My heart is truly filled with so much love.”

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

“When you see those moments and the pictures and the video, you have no idea that he’s had any meltdowns or that he’s had any difficulties because he lights right up with them,” Coley told WESH.

Watch the princesses interact with Jack-Jack in this heartwarming video!

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