This Non-Verbal Teen, Once Unable to Communicate, Gives His School’s Graduation Speech

As a non-verbal teen with autism, Dillan Barmache’s ideas remained trapped inside his head for years. From a young age, his inability to express himself increased Dillan’s anxiety — his family knew he was desperate to communicate that he was more than the few sounds that left his lips.

Now, however, Dillan’s thoughts are spilling out and inspiring audiences thanks to his ability to type what he wants to say on his tablet computer.

In spring 2014, Dillan used this special technology to give the commencement address at his school’s graduation ceremony.

You don’t want to miss this inspiring video!

But Dillan’s inspiring and true tale doesn’t end with his commencement speech. In April of 2016, during Autism Awareness Month, Apple released an incredibly touching video that portrayed Dillan’s story.

You might want to grab a box of tissues before checking it out here!

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