Diabulimia: When Diabetes Is Used and Abused to Lose Weight

Eating disorders are a terrible affliction– one that is, unfortunately, all too common and affects both men and women of all ages. While anorexia, bulimia, and perhaps to a lesser extent, binge-eating are easily recognized as eating disorders, diabulimia is seldom mentioned or discussed. Further, many people have never even heard of it, which means that people who suffer from it are less inclined to be diagnosed or seek help.

Diabulimia is an eating disorder, which typically is found in individuals who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It occurs when someone reduces their regular dosage of insulin with the goal of facilitating weight loss. And with a condition that focuses so heavily upon what an individual consumes, it’s easy to understand how attention to health could turn into a fixation on weight.

Emilee Wilson, a Type 1 diabetic, restricted her food intake, exercised to extremes, and stopped using insulin to help her lose weight. This powerful and gut-wrenching video documents Emilee’s deeply personal struggles. Thankfully, she is leading a healthy and productive life, and even began her own non-profit, Die Or Beat This to help others who are suffering from diabulimia.

Watch her incredible journey.

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