The Dentist Can Be Stressful For Kids, But This Dog Is Changing Their Experiences In An Amazing Way

A trip to the dentist can be very nerve-wrecking for everyone, especially kids. One pediatric dentist in central Indiana has come up with a genius idea to make this experience less stressful for children.

Dr. Ana Vazquez was playing with a dog one day when the idea came to mind: have a dog at her office to help calm kids down during their dentist visits.

Enter Pearly, a six-month-old Labradoodle who has been trained to comfort children at the dentist. She now works at Fishers Pediatric Dentistry in Fishers, Indiana.

Fishers Pediatric Dentistry
Fishers Pediatric Dentistry

“We focused a lot on her social skills – so we want her to be very happy going towards kids and going towards them in a very calm and disciplined way,” Jennifer Cattet, dog trainer, told WTHR.

Pearly stays in different parts of the office, either in the doctor’s lounge or the business area, and goes over to the patient when they ask for her.

Pearly has been doing an amazing job with keeping the kid’s calm and easing their nerves. Hopefully dentists all over the country will follow this great idea!

Watch Pearly in the video below:

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