The Confusion Of Delayed Auditory Processing — Could It Be Affecting Your Child?

Now here’s an interesting question you may have been wondering: why do some people on the autism spectrum have extreme reactions to noise?

A new study shows that this may occur because of delayed auditory processing — meaning noises don’t coincide with the source of the sounds.

For some people on the spectrum, when they are listening to someone speak, the speaker’s words are reaching their ears about a half second after their lips move. This can create a lot of confusion, needless to say. In the video below, they liken it to a poorly-executed lip dub of a movie.

So what’s the solution for this kind of problem? Some researchers have created a video game that helps people with autism learn to sync up vision with sound. In the video below, you can see a teen with autism giving it a go.

Watch the video clip to learn more about delayed auditory processing.

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